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Why should we must use Eco Friendly Makhar?

Eco Friendly Ganesh Decoration

In Ganesh Utsav everyone making Ganpati Decoration by their way and most of the people are using thermocol for that decoration, but very few people are aware of the thermocol’s risk factor which is harmful to the nature.Thermocol include unnecessary thermoplastic compound, known as polystyrene which is obtained by the polymerisation of phenylethene or styrene. The chemical properties of phenylethene are similar bado cams to polyethene.

It responds very slowly to bacterial decomposition within the soil, thus making the soil infertile. It additionally releases toxic gases on burning, which might trigger respiratory issues, and even dying, when inhaled. Hence thermocol is dangerous for the atmosphere.

In Utsavi, we are working hard to rule this out of the equation by making Eco Friendly Ganpati Makhar. We make Eco Friendly Makhar using paper, which is nature friendly, attractive, light-weight, easy to set-up, re-usable makhar.  Utsavi.net is running on Make in India, Made in India benchmark, known for there Eco-Friendly products which are very popular, easily available in market. So lets make move towards the Eco-Friendly Products, which are highly used in festival like Ganesh Utsav and take a step toward Environment Friendly Festival by using Eco Friendly Utsavi Products. Utsavi Products like Eco Friendly Ganpati Makhar and Diwali Kandil & Navratri Decoration is easily available Online and also in the makhar shops near by your house or you can buy makhar directly from our address:  Utsavi, Prabha kutir, Ganesh galli, Lalbaug, Mumbai, Maharashtra  400012  Phone No:  +91-9324804790

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