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Eco Ganesha Movement

!!Join Eco Ganesha Movement 2016!!

Here we are with the new concept of Eco ganesha movement from this year.We all love Ganpati Bappa & arrival of Ganesha at our home is very enthusiastic moment.Upto Immersion We all do which we can do to decorate our Ganesha best.But After Immersion ,do you ever think what happens with the offering to god ?? Garlands & decoration made up of non-biodegradable materials are seen at the seaside after ganpati festival.Burning thermacol pollutes air and can cause diseases like asthma or other respiratory diseases.Using Ganesha idols made up of plaster of paris takes lot of time to dissolve side by side it harms water animals .Therefore by taking this issue at serious level,Let’s Celebrate this Ganesh Chatuthi 2016 without harming the environment. Let’s start eco ganesha movement. Everyone in our society requested to join this movement:

How I can Join Eco Ganesha Movement 2016?

  • Use Eco ganesha Idols
  • Buy Eco Friendly Makhar from this Ganesh Festival
  • Use garlands which are made up of flowers which can decompose
  • Decor your Eco ganesha with small plants surounding the idol.
  • Decorate rangoli design with electric lights
  • Play ganesha songs at normal volume level
  • In Sarvajanik Pandal,try to feed poor peoples from the collection done at Festival Occassion
  • Decorate with Ribbons which can be arranged by different ways.
  • Use clothes to decorate & create awesome views
  • Use metal vessels fully filled with water and add flowers petals
  • Try to avoid Buying Plaster Of paris idols rather we would recommend to buy Eco Ganesha Idols
  • Avoid eating Non Veg for 10 Days during Ganpati Festival
  • Avoid Noise Pollution
  • At the time of Immersion use eco friendly colors to celebrate
  • Avoid Use of thermacol strictly
  • Follow Traffic Police and Volunteers instructions at the time of Ganpati Visarjan

So whenever your planning to buy ganpati makhar remember to buy Eco Friendly Makhar available online on and also in shops near by you or write us on

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