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India is a place that is known for diverse culture, societies, celebrations, religions, dialects and each of these fluctuate from state to state. Also, one among the most well known celebrations which individuals await during the time is Ganesh Chaturthi, which means the introduction of Lord Ganesha. This celebration is seen as a standout amongst the most favorable celebration in the Hindu religion.
The festivals keep going for around 10 days and Ganesha symbol is worshipped with the droning of mantras and Puranas as a piece of custom while offering coconut and hand crafted desserts to Lord Ganesha.Lastly the symbol is submerged in the waterway or ocean. So wouldn't you say this time you ought to decide on ECO-FRIENDLY Ganesha Yes, this would be a little yet huge stride towards the way of advancement.


A Ganesha Idol made with environment neighborly fixings, for example, dirt, paper, flowers, and dried straw.

Why Do People Purchase Plaster of Paris or Fibre Ganesha Idol For Immersion?

One of the reason could be that POP symbols are appealing and ornamental and give wonderful feeling to eyes. They are painted with toxic engineered paints. Then again, mud symbols look basic and non garish.Hence, people prefer to have decorative Ganesha at home.But Plaster of Paris Idols are harmful and damage our environment.

So instead of using POP why don’t we use natural clay which dissolves within hours of immersion?Shun utilizing concoction paints containing hurtful hues for idols.

Steps taken by government in Hyderabad :

A division seat of the Hyderabad High Court coordinated the Telangana government and the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation to guarantee that exclusive common hues are utilized to paint Lord Ganesh symbols. Essential strides ought to be taken before the beginning of the following Ganesh celebration, the seat noted. Moreover, steps were likewise taken to make it compulsory that consent must be taken from the authorities concerned to introduce idols which are more than 15-foot height.As a mindful resident of India, we ought to take this activity beginning from maharashtra so as to keep our environment clean & green.

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The best part of having eco friendly embellishments other than sparing the earth is that it will save lot of money and offer path to your innovations without limitations.


The day has been celebrated with pomp and ceremony since time immemorial, whereas the Hindus rejoice it as Akshaya Tritiya, the Jains accord the day significance as Akha Teej. It is on this present day that farmers in Orissa and Punjab begin ploughing the fields.

While the Puri temple begins building of the chariot for the Rath Yatra, the Oriya and Bengalis begin new audit books on today (hal khata). Even Lord Kubera (treasurer of the Gods) is thought to have prayed to goddess Lakshmi on this present day.

Lure of Gold

The day is taken into account extraordinarily auspicious for it's synonymous with prosperity, progress and good luck. ‘Akshaya' means imperishable, everlasting and the never diminishing. It is broadly believed that ventures began or valuables purchased on today will carry abundance, luck, success and prosperity. Jewellers give you modern affords for the day, and find yourself promoting at the least forty-forty five tonnes of gold throughout Akshaya Tritiya yearly.

The lure of gold attracts folks into jewelry shops, to buy gold on Akshaya Tritiya, with an infinite religion in the truth that it would augur prosperity all year length. Jewellery makers and gold merchants predict good enterprise this Akshaya Tritiya in comparison with final year as gross sales have picked up earlier than the auspicious day regardless of excessive gold costs.

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