Journey Of Utsavi Towards Eco Friendly

Vinayak Chaturthi(Ganesh Chaturthi) ,which is the day of arrival of The Hindu god of wisdom or prophecy with elephant head “Ganesha”,which is eagerly awaited by devotees form all around india.Ganesh chaturthi is celebrated on the day of bhadrapad shuddh chaturthi.On this day ganesha idol is installed and poojas and chanting of mantras done in front of idol.As earlier explained in vedas and puranas,ganesha idol should be eco friendly and made up of clays or shadu soil and painted with eco friendly colors because it dissolve in water easily that’s called in short “Green Ganesha”.We have eco friendly makhar for ganpati festival which you can buy online from our site have eco friendly Navratri decoration & diwali kandil also which are made up of paper which are reuseable and good example of craft ideas for kids.We all love to celebrate ganpati festival in environment friendly way.

Until 2001, the decoration of the temporary poojaghar during the ganpati festival thermocol was used predominantly. In Maharastra alone trucks full of thermacol garbage goes west. Not a single piece is left worth usable.There is no process where disposed thermacol can be recycled. In That case where dose all the thermacol disappear? The search for an answer ended  in the  Birth of Utsavi… Eco Friendly Decorations.

Nanasaheb, who used to run his own thermocol manufacturing unit for 25 years with 150 to 200 workers shut down the unit and ventured into paper makhars, says that post immersion of the idol the decoration usually ends up clogging the drains in the city and ruins the environment. With the startling adverse effects of the use of the slow biodegradable thermocol coming to the fore, Nanasaheb introduced sturdy, foldable, Eco friendly paper makhars in the market with a noble mission of giving back to Mother Nature what it has given to mankind. The movement that one man initiated has today gained momentum in not only Mumbai but the whole of Maharashtra.

The preparation for the 11-day revelry starts around 10 months prior to the Hindu month of Bhadrapada (Bhadarva Sud Chaturthi) in Ahmednagar with his team of 25 co-workers at Utsavi. For Nanasaheb, who is immensely determined his axis of strength and driving force is his wife Jijabai Shendkar. The core value system on which Nanasaheb runs Utsavi is passion and belief where profit making comes secondary to the appreciation of his art. Such is his fame that people would swarm to his place to see his artistic creation during Ganeshotsav. Celebrities like Balasaheb Thackeray, Asha Bhosale, Sharad Talwalkar, Nirmala Sawant Prabhawalkar, Jyotibhaskar Salgaonkar, Liladhar Dake have personally visited to see his creations.

For sarvajanik mandals, Nanasaheb has designed sets of 16 to 18 feet high along with making available decorative articles such as flowers, leaves, elephants, peacocks, pot, etc. And to mark the centenary celebrations of sarvajanik Ganeshotsav in 1993, he made eight to 10 feet high decoration and distributed among all the sarvajanik mandals.

We all knows that there is lot of pollution all over the world due to plastic ,thermacol & lots of bio non-degradable things which can’t be recycled.Therefore we have turned to eco friendly products which have eco friendly makhar,Diwali kandil & Navratri decoration which creates environment friendly Ganpati festival celebration. Our Beloved Mangalmurti(Ganpati) is in eco friendly environment,this imagination has been changed to reality by Utsavi.Our ganpati makhar are best ex. of craft ideas for kids because utsavi makhars are foldable and when you required you can attach them easily and in less time.paper decoration are best for ganpati decoration ideas.You can buy it from nearest shop in reasonable ganpati makhar price or order these eco friendly ganpati makhar call us on 022 24722472/9324804793 or online from our website