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Ganpati Decoration Makhar Ideas

Makhar Decoration ideas

In our hindu religious, Ganpati the elephant headed god is much popular and beloved.Ganesh festival is celebrated in all over india and outside india also.Ganpati is god of intelligence and we start every work with blessing of god ganapti.We celebrate ganesh chaturthi in month of bhaadrapadda in the hindu calender.We started to think about Ganpati Decoration Makhar Ideas for our beloved god. We celebrate this coming of our beloved bappa for around 4 days.Somewhere it is for 10 days & 21 days.In this topic we are going to discuss about Eco friendly Ganpati Decoration Makhar Ideas.

We celebrate this festival at home or in public.Lokmanya tilak started this Sarvajanik Ganeshostav to make all caste pepole gather together collectively fight for freedom.On this occasion all our relative and friends gathers at one place and celebrate this festival happily.At big pandal's they install big idol which is made up of clays which are eco friendly and it dissolve easily in water or pond which is made for Ganesh visarjan.Home bappa also made up of clays and obviously bappa is eco friendly then Ganpati Decoration should be same which is non-harmful to nature.

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  1. Decorate With Small Plants :

  2. We bring ganapti idol with grand celebration of banging instrument dhol and tasha .Ganpati festival is famous not in only india but also out of india also.For decoration we can use small buckets of plants instead of thermocol decoration .put small plants two sides of idol and put lighting on it .It gives fresh feeling when roaming there .

  3. Decorate With Rangoli :

  4. We all knows rangoli gives specific and happy mood in any occasion .So we can decorate front side of bappa where it situated and we can put it around plates when eating .It gives very religious look and satisfaction .

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