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Eco Ganesha Decoration

Now you are familiar with the ideas we have discussed earlier and I know you are going to try them for your lovely Ganpati(bappa) decoration or any other decoration like diwali,navratri or any homely ineedbride functions.
We are explaining all things in the means of decoration which are eco friendly because the greatest a part of having eco friendly decorations in addition to saving the environment is that it’s going to save lot of cash and provides good option to discover your creativity to the fullest.

  1. Lamps

  2. You can use lamps which are easily available at market. Their different lighting color and shapes add extra beauty to place in the night. These lamps are available in any sizes in market or you can adjust it as your required sizes .

  3. Decorative wall paint

  4. At our homes, we decorate walls when there is any occasion and ganpati chaturthi is not less than any festival .So ,paint your home walls with different shades of colors which gives fresh look or you can draw any design if your hand in painting is good.

  5. Eco Friendly Ganpati Makhar :

  6. Eco friendly Makhar are made up of Paper which tends to Nature Friendly Ganpati Decoration. Eco friendly makhar are suitable for nature, it doesn’t harm nature like thermacol which is not decomposing in soil and makes the soil infertile. So whenever your planning to buy ganpati makhar remember to buy Eco Friendly Makhar available online on

    and also in shops near by you or write us on

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