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Eco Friendly Ganpati Decoration Idea

Eco Friendly Ganesh Idol Decoration Ideas

We can use many eco-friendly things to decorate for our Eco friendly Ganesh Idol.By using things which are easily available can create normal view to very effective view.As earlier we have talked about how we can decorate our lovely bappa with many ways.Again with the same concept without being harmful to nature we have to enjoy our festival in eco friendly way.

  1. Decorate With Ribbons :

  2. All of us know about different & colorful ribbon sets which are easily available at stores. We use this ribbons sets by placing with flower garlands or separately as a long corners for murti or you can give any shape or sizes to it. Colorful ribbons add liveness to environment. In night with light of bulb or decoration light ,it adds extra beauty to decoration.

  3. Enlight The Diyas :

  4. At the time of Aarti, enlight the diyas made up of clays . put around the table or places where it does fits without harming anyone. As diyas lighting ,all places lights up with positive moods.

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