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Mangalmurti |A god with all goodwill

The word “Mang” suggests complete ,or who presents peace and purity ,which purifies both internally & externally auspiciously . A god which provide auspiciousness is ‘ Mangalmurti ’.Another name for ganpati i.e. “Moraya” is taken from strong believer Moraya gosavi form chinchwad,pune in Maharashtra. This suggests that there is unbreakable bond between god and his devotees.The line “Ganpati Bappa Morya |Mangalmurti Morya ” fills an unknown inspiring power in our hearts. Because not only words but the god ganpati is very close to heart all our communities. Before one month ,arrival of ganpati preparation started.

From little kid to old person , all persons waits for their beloved bappa . Normally, people use eco friendly decoration and idol made up of clays .In homes ,families worship small clay statues during festival. The pooja and idol is worshipped in the morning and also in the evening with aarti and the offering of sweets & modaks.In all ancient writing ,explained that modaks are favourite food for Mangalmurti.

In big pandal’s there is arrangements for kids plays or dance during 10 days. Satyanarayan Pooja is arranged at homes & pandals also .After 2 days of ganpati arrival , On Gauri poojan Parvati and Shiva are worshiped by women, who fast. Instruments such as ghumots,cymbals and pakhvajs are played during the ceremonies. After that the festival which is celebrated next day is Navyachi panchami,on this day paddy grains brought from fields and worshipping is conducted.

Like Maharashtra ,other states celebrate in their own way this ganesha festival. All religious persons are now turning towards health ratio of nature and all are aware of the harm ,therefore nowadays all idols are made up of clays and if the idols are eco friendly then how should be decoration made up of other than eco friendly products ?

Therefore we have taken initiative towards eco friendly by production of eco friendly products like ganpati makhar,diwali kandil & navratri decoration at Utsavi. Utsavi Products like Eco Friendly Ganpati Makhar and Diwali Kandil is easily available Online and also in the makhar shops near by your house or you can buy makhar directly from our address: Utsavi, Prabha kutir, Ganesh galli, Lalbaug, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400012 Phone No: +91-9324804790 or else you can write us on info@

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