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Eco Ganesh

Eco Ganesh Decoration

Eco Ganesh :In our Hindu religious the most famous & beloved idol is Ganpati (Eco Ganesh) all over india. That’s why we celebrate this festival Ganesh Chaturthi very happily & full of spirit. But you know after celebration and immersion of idols in water all garbage of thermocol which used to decorate and idol which are not dissolved in water by use of chemical colors to paint that idols all environment around it pollutes .Therefore people have to take decision about using Eco Ganesha idols

Problems Caused Due To This :

Using bio-hazardous products like plaster contains many chemicals which are toxic and harms to water animals and plants which is very dangerous.The plastic bags containing offering which is immersed with water.Normally because of non-degradable nature it doesn’t dissolve and amount of litter increases in amount.Due to this water flows changes or the heavy flow of water occurs floods which comes in residential locality and destroys local living .Due to this type of water persons get catched with health ,skin ,blood issues.

Solution To This :

So we need to take some strict steps in future towards nature to stop pollution which has been done all around .Nowadays people are also aware of importance of nature,therefore they have also turned to eco friendly idols and decoration.We normally uses clay to make ganesha idols.For painting to idols use colors made up of vegetables or eco friendly.

Every year use of portable & dissolvable idols made up of shadu soil or clay create no pollution or harm to nature. In short ,Our beloved bappa should be EcoGanesha .Now if ganpati is eco friendly then obviously decoration for ganpati should be eco friendly too. We is stepping towards environmental friendly makhar & kandils, because we care for nature.By increasing demand of eco friendly products ,we think that we succeeded in changing people’s mind towards nature . Utsavi Products like Eco Friendly Ganpati Makhar and Diwali Kandil is easily available Online and also in the makhar shops near by your house or you can buy makhar directly from our address: Utsavi, Prabha kutir, Ganesh galli, Lalbaug, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400012 Phone No: +91-9324804790 or else you can write us on

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