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Illuminate your homes with joy and eco friendly lanterns

Diwali is an annual holiday which everyone looks forward to, be it children or adults. Everyone has different emotions attached to it. As a child it meant new clothes, crackers, sweet and savoury snacks, shimmering lights and now as a grown up over the years it now means sharing the joy, meeting and spending time with elderly folks of my neighbourhood. Meeting friends who would otherwise pass by with a simple hello. Through the annual week-long festivities folks will get together and have long chat until next Diwali. But It has always been a festival of lights and always be remembered that way. I have come to believe that the connotation of light with Diwali makes it special. It was always taught in my school and my home this festival is about giving and sharing who could not afford to celebrate.
The way we now celebrate Diwali has completely changed. We would go with our parents and buy things from our self and for others. Now with the big million or big billion days things have changed a lot. Also, the noise and air pollution only discourage children from bursting crackers. Plus, we can no longer allow Chinese products flood India’s market with plethora of offerings which hardly last.
My idea of this festival of light does not transcend beyond the natural and nature identical things. Maybe it is time we all adapt to this concept for longevity of continuing the tradition. Let us all vouch to adapt organic things this Diwali. Let us not add to the global warming while we celebrate the victory of light over darkness.
Let us adapt to an idea of an Eco-friendly Deepawali that does not harm our environment. Let there be no addition to the air and noise pollution plus reduce the carbon foot print by creating less waste. Dear readers you may be aware of the toxic emissions from various things that make things difficult for children, elderly and our domestic animals. Even our demand to illuminate our house increases the burden on electricity department. We have taken steps to help you reduce emissions from your household. To take the cause of organic to every household we have brought lanterns to illuminate your courtyard. We have used only Eco-friendly diwali decoration material to make these lanterns that have zero waste and 100% joy. Let your friends and neighbours know about your special way of celebrating the festival of light.
This Diwali don’t just lighten your house pledge to lighten at least one soul.

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