Eco-Friendly Festival Celebration

Eco-Friendly Festival Celebration

The five elements of universe are Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Wind. These five elements philosophy believed in Japanese Buddhism and Hinduism is derived from Buddhist beliefs. It is said that if any of these elements are destroyed, damaged or contaminated the other linked elements can have adverse effect and will result in the end of universe.
India is a country with large-scale of religion diversity and hundreds of festival. Previously, festivals were celebrated sustainably because i) there were limited requirements for festival products ii) there was no development in technology. People used to have clay idols, cloths or flowers decoration and most important time. In upcoming years there was a serious increase in demand for idols hence there was a need for a faster production. With the help of new technology, where for making one clay idol an artist can take period of 3 months there, in single day hundreds of POP idols can be made. Thermocol and POP (Plaster Of Paris) was the best alternative for decoration & idols, respectively. Thermocol made decoration easy and cheap; POP idols were light, cheap & time friendly. But people then during 1990-2000 had no idea what kind of serious damage these two elements were going to cause.

Effects of Thermocol Decoration.
Thermocol is made up of a significant thermoplastic compound called Polystyrene. It is obtained by
Polymerization of Styrene or Phenylethene. Chemical properties of Phenylethene are similar to Polythene
(Plastic). Polystyrene makes soil infertile because it responds very slowly to bacterial decomposition of soil (1 sheet of Thermocol may take 1000 years to fully decompose). It can even release poisonous gases which can cause respiratory problem or death may be death in some cases if inhaled.

Effects of & Plaster of Paris idols. (POP)
Plaster of Paris does not dissolve easily in water it contains chemicals like Sulfur, Gypsum, Phosphorous and Magnesium. After immersion, POP dissolves slowly, gradually releasing all these harmful chemicals. As a result of these chemicals, the acidity level of water rises thereby making it toxic. This water is very harmful to fish and other aqua creatures. The idol floats on water after immersion. Sometimes in cities, the remains of idols which have not dissolved in water for a long period are collected and a bulldozer is run over them to convert them into debris. This amounts to extreme denigration of the deity. The deity should be offered the same reverence when immersing it as when it is invoked. Since the idol is not immersed properly, in a way it amounts to dishonoring the deity.

Need & Importance of Eco-Friendly Festival celebrations.
Thermocol has created very negative effects in the time being. Even Plaster Of Paris (POP) is making water hard as it is difficult to dissolve. This quality of water can cause damage to water species and harms eco- system. Environmental effects such as acid rains, pollutes beaches and sea beds will not only cause damage to us but also to other beings. God’s festival causing damages to other beings has too much of irony in sentence. There should be some alternative to these idols and decorations. Mr. Nanasaheb Shendkar alumnus of J.J School of Arts is working since 18 years for Eco-Friendly Decorations idols and Visarjans. Since 2001 through UTSAVI CHARIATABLE TRUST Nanasaheb is vigorously spreading & creating awareness about this concept amongst the society. This may reduce pollution and its effects quietly. If we support people like Nanasaheb and his efforts we will definitely celebrate 100% eco-friendly festival and make this earth sustainable for upcoming generations.

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